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Written by Alicia   
Monday, 17 August 2009 15:04

OpenRPG Install Files (1.8)

For general-purpose Windows installs, just run the appropriate installer; it should take care of everything. Make sure to install all three programs provided in the installer, following the directions provided in it as well.

(Note: Please make note before you close out of the OpenRPG install of where your myfiles folder is located. If a white window was not present during the install do a search for a folder called "myfiles" containing a file called "server_bookmarks.xml"
I suggest setting up shortcuts to make it easier to access the important \myfiles subdirectory, where all of your personal resources are stored. I also recommend periodically backing up your game tree in the event it becomes corrupted.)

Make sure to update OpenRPG upon first using it. Please also take note that the update window will show up regardless of the program being completely up to date.


External Links

Project Assembla: User Manual

OpenRPG Home: Installers


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