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Virtual Tabletop Layout


The gametree is where all your nodes will be stored. Nodes consist of a variety of objects from text files, folders, miniature databases, and macros. Many people use the gametree to store character sheets which store character information to make rolling easier.

Features Node: This node (titled OpenRPG+ 1.7.1 on most applications) is installed along with another demo node. This node is important as it has s amples and templates for nodes which you will use to build your own. If at any point you lose the node you can right click the game tree and select "Insert Features Node" from the menu.

Player List

This list displays who is populating a room or server.
ID: This is a unique number generator by the server for the user.
Player: User's name is displayed here.
Status: User's status.

Map Window

This feature allows GMs and Server Admins to display images such as maps and logos. Miniatures can also be placed on this map. (See General Features and GM Features Tutorial for more information.)

Chat Window

Displayed here will be the dialog initiated by the players in the room.
Chat Tabs: By default you start with the Main Room tab and the GM tab. This is also where any whisper tabs you have initiated will be seen.
Main Room: Chat seen by all users in the room.
GM: Anyone designated as a GM can see chat entered here. It's essentially a whisper tab, but instead of a specific person, messages go to the permission group GM.
Toolbar: These have the shortcuts for any features you will readily need.
Alias window, Alias name chooser, Filter window, Filter chooser, Dice toolbar, HTML Chat viewer, Scroll On/Off, Text toolbar, Save as HTML icon (You may need to add ".html" to the file name for it to save correctly.)
Type bar: This is of course where you would type your dialog and any commands.

Important Commands to Know

/name, /nick name

Change your name as seen in the player list and the chat window.

/name Alicia
/nick Alicia


Displays the command list with all the commands you have access to with a description.


Alias for **yourname does something. **
/me waves to everyone.
Alicia waves to everyone


Ask for a response from the server. Useful if you want to determine your connection speed to the server aka your hearbeat.
Ping Results: 474.8 ms (parsed message, round trip)


This will clear the entire chat window

/status your status

Set your online status (afk,away,etc..) displayed in the player list.

Using Dice

Dice bar


You can get the same result by entering the dice formula into the type bar in the chat window.

[1d100-10] would roll 1 percentile dice with a modifier of -10.

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