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Written by Alicia   
Wednesday, 17 March 2010 15:23


To turn on the plugins:

  1. Go to the "plugins" drop down menu and select "Control Panel"
  2. select the plugin you wish to install and click the "Enable" button.
  3. If you wish to have the plugin enable automatically on program load, click "Autostart"
  4. Look on the main window to see what the commands are as it may require some set up.

Here are some recommended plugins (also recommended to have these on autostart):


Chat Notification

This one will notify you when there are new messages. It will beep and flash the window after you set it up.


/notify beep | flash | both | off | clearsound | sound soundfile [Lo cal Sound Files only] | rsound http://to.sound.file [Remote Sound Files only] - This is the notification type.
/notify all |whisper - all will alert you to main room and whispers or you can set to just whispers.


Name Sound

This one will issue a sound when indicated names are said in the chat. You will need to set up what names it will be alerting you to.


/xxnick add name | del name | list - This is the command for the name sound plugin
/wnotify - This will toggle notification on incoming whispers 
/sfile soundFile - This will set the sound file to use for notification


OOC Comments

This puts text in double parantheses ie. (( This would be an OOC comment ))


/ooc text


Installing any of the following plugins is simple:

Put the .py file in the /Plugins directory of your OpenRPG install, run OpenRPG (or, if it's already running, refresh your plugins from the Plugins menu), and select the plugins to activate. To use an active plugin, type the slash command (listed in parentheses) in chat. I suggest setting several of these to run on startup, for ease of use. Other add-ons (such as the Eclipse die roller) require a full OpenRPG restart.


WSBP GUI (Wide Screen Big Map)

Rename your layout.xml file to something else and save this one in its place if you have a widescreen monitor. It's designed to increase the space your map and chat take up on your screen for ease of interaction, and it uses a tabber to place the gametree behind the map (giving you a lot of space to work with, although you need to tab between your notes and the map). It looks something like this.

If other players have preferred GUIs they want to share, pass 'em my way.

Game Status Controllers

There are actually several of these. Each is a hack of the built-in Game Status Controller (/gsc) included with OpenRPG -- a plugin designed to show important values in your chat's idle status, speeding up combat without using a pile of scratch notes. Close the GSC before closing OpenRPG to restore your original idle/typing status.

Extended Game Status Controller (/egsc) - Keeps the display going even when the user is typing (indicates typing with a prepended * in the status) -- in other words, you can talk without hiding your stats from the GM. This functionality is included in all the other GSCs as well.

Psi Game Status Controller (/psigsc) - Includes a space for power points or similar MP-like systems.

Saga Game Status Controller (/sagagsc)NEW: Extends functionality to include HP (current/max), damage threshold, Reflex, Fortitude, Will, and the number of times you've recieved First Aid and used a Second Wind. Very useful, especially with condition penalties applying to defenses. (New to this version, thresholds, first aid, and second winds have proven to be important enough to track in the GSC.)

OpenRPG Nodes

To "install" them, save the .xml file somewhere (right-click / save link as), then use the Insert File command on your gametree. Some (notably the sheets) require additional modification.

Similarly you can right click the link and copy the link location, using the "insert URL" option to import the node directly into OpenRPG.

Star Wars Saga Recourses Node

Contains everything needed to ease the game experience. It is not limited to the following items:

Saga Edition Sheets - Includes blank NPC roller, Character Sheet die Roller, and Vehicle Sheet.

Library of the Force - A compilation of Force Powers, Techniques and Skills from all the books.

Cheatsheet/Resource guide - A summary of various combat rules including grappling and vehicle combat actions.


Resources provided by Eclipse Gaming:

Saga Character Sheet v1.5

This is an auto-calculating all-inclusive character sheet for Star Wars Saga Edition. For the calculations to work, you need to make sure the sheet recognizes your character name. See the tutorial to see how this works.

Essentially, with very few exceptions (adding more than three weapon options or giving yourself new Force powers), you should never need to use the Design function to update this sheet. Most derived values are automatically calculated when you click the relevant button (though there's enough missing that I'm not giving the system away). The only function this doesn't trace is starship maneuvers, which are in the vehicle node.

new tutorial page is available to explain how this works.

(NEW: Currently players use version 1.4. This is the first time 1.5 has been made available. Players, take note: Read the tutorial!)

Saga Reference/Cheatsheet

A tabber containing many of the Saga core rulebook's tables. Currently contains weapon ranges, grappling and dogfight summaries, size modifiers (not as easy as you think; Saga uses different modifiers for Reflex, threshold, stealth and grapple), and a build stub. Does not, and will not, contain XP values, either for levelling or overcoming challenges.

FX Effects Templates

This is a tabber containing ready references to area of effect templates for assorted d20 games. They display as a semitransparent cyan overlay and represent all the usual ranges and areas you'd find in Saga (but are hardly specific to that system). Bursts and cones originate from square corners, spreads (aka "within X squares") are centered on squares. (Does not currently support strafing runs, and I'm adding a few more Spreads (5 and 6, plus a 12 for Force powers), but this is now available anyway.)

Force Powers Library

This contains ready-to-use nodes for each and every Force power in Saga across all books at the moment EXCEPT Clone Wars. (If any WotC lawyers get on me for this, these are all based off of publicly-available Force Power Cards.) They're designed to work with the Saga Sheet listed above. Some editing is needed on Force Blast and Kinetic Combat to interface with your sheet, and Force Scream is getting an area revision to match Force Slam; the others are all ready to go out of the box.

Saga Vehiclular Node Template v1.3

This is a template for creation of any Saga vehicle a player or NPC may be piloting. Due to the diverse nature of Star Wars vehicles, you may need to use Design to change this template into a full node (Notably, addition of extra Gunner positions or weapons require some Design work) but this node should handle the vast majority of speeders, walkers, starfighters and space transports *almost* right out of the box. (Most capital ships should work, although I'm still working on weapon batteries.) Also includes support forStarships of the Galaxy's starship maneuvers and a ready dogfight dropdown. A tutorial on this will go up as well, soonish. For now, you'll need to register the vehicle name the same way you would on a hero record (replace "Vehicle").

NOTE: This version is designed for players, or unique ships. An NPC version (for swarming ships) is in progress.

Saga NPC node v1.2

This is a stripped-down version of the character node listed above designed for use with NPCs, most of whom don't require as much information to track (who's going to care about the personal backstory of most stormtroopers?). Also includes skill functionality with nonheroic levels, and an "Equipment of Note" button for looting ease. Gameplay is identical to that of the player node, though the registration is a bit different (replace "NPC_" with a similar unique code). Unlike the hero record, multiple NPCs of the same name can be tracked simultaneously as long as they have different codes.


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